NeoCon 2021

Live the Plush Life

Let’s face it, not all office furniture is made the same. That’s where we come in. You can always count on Indiana Furniture to take it to the next level. From our award-winning customer service to the ease of specification, our all-encompassing portfolio to the ready-to-assist website, we’ve thoughtfully considered every detail to maximize your overall experience. And our latest introductions are no exception.

We’ve taken height adjustability to new elevations, comfort to new degrees of relaxation, traditional styling to modern sensibility, and personalization options to an entirely new form of luxe…just the way you deserve to have it.

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These introductions in addition to our recent launches, like RockstarIconicStrutFifteen Pods, and Runna product that come together to create a richly luxurious, beyond comfortable experience. 

Plush Lounge

Now more than ever, design for commercial and home spaces is blending. The new Plush Lounge seamlessly brings together the endurance needed for commercial spaces with the relaxed comforts of home. Introducing a smart range of freestanding and modular seating components, along with coordinating tables, that provide the flexibility and comfort needed in today’s ever-changing environments. Whether you’re looking to exude relaxed casual or simple sophistication, Plush has your seat.

Indiana Furniture Plush GangingClubChairs

Polka Modular Seating

We’re excited to have Polka dance into the marketplace. Designed by Jason Lansdale in conjunction with our UK partner, Edge Design, Polka is a flexible and fun modular seating range with soft curves and gentle waterfall seat edges. Its low, wide stance and asymmetric shapes provide a striking alternative for sitting, relaxing, and touchdown working.

Indiana Furniture Polka Jot Library SingleSetting
Indiana Furniture Polka Airport
Indiana Furniture Polka ArtGallery

Canvas + Gesso Enhancements

New additions to the ever-popular and cohesive Canvas Laminate and Gesso Veneer casegoods expand the lines’ design flexibility and amplify functionality within a broad range of working environments to better support personalization and overall productivity. From an expansion of height adjustable units to new glass door and marker board options to a broader scope of black finishes and gold pulls, Canvas and Gesso provide opportunities for more elegant and clean styling.

Jefferson Enhancements

Jefferson is time-honored elegance with today’s flexibility. And with the new enhancements, which include the addition of integrated height adjustable units and reception units, creating seamless and productive working environments has never been easier…even in traditional-styled spaces. Add new down lighting, glass shelving, or premium veneer—which meets the specifications required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other national contracts—to take your designs to the next level.

Indiana Furniture Jefferson HA L-Unit Portia Reminisce 0
Indiana Furniture Jefferson Reception Kennerly Bakerstreet

Cush Pillows

The perfect pillow can help to make any lounge a little more stylish, a private nook a little cozier, and the overall room a little brighter. Enhance your space with new Cush Pillows. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, and with or without piping, to bring the comforts of home or add sophistication to any space.

Photo Gallery

Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Spirit Strut Leg
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Iconic Spirit Rockstar Runna
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Canvas-Gesso Joy Gleem Polka
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Fifteen Bailey Cush
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Plush Iconic Britta Cush
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 KIckStart Bailey Natta Trift Cush
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Polka Canvas-Gesso SquareOne
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Iconic Spirit Runna
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 SquareOne Natta One10 FifteenPods
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Fifteen Runna Jot MMI SquareOne Cush
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Iconic Spirit Lounge Clutch
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Canvas-Gesso BowTie Bailey Rockstar
Indiana Furniture Chicago 2021 Fifteen Runna Jot MMI Studio Cush TriplePlay