Diversity + Inclusion

Diversity and total inclusion makes our company stronger.

Driven by our passion for craftsmanship and instinct for innovation, we aim to elevate collaboration and functionality in every work environment. Every day we are demanding a better future for ourselves, our customers, and our communities. We believe hard work and integrity are fundamental to our mission. We believe that diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation. And we believe in healthy and safe workspaces, and in protecting a planet where all of us can thrive.

We're Committed.

At Indiana Furniture, we believe valuing diversity and inclusion drives our success as a premier producer of office furniture. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive culture where our workforce and partners are not only valued, but sustain our company as a leader in our competitive market.

Fostering Diversity.

Fostering diversity is a core value at Indiana Furniture and every one of us is responsible for fulfilling this commitment. To achieve this vision, we aim to:

  • Connect with diverse audiences in order to understand their experiences, skills, needs, and buying trends.
  • Inspire and promote employee performance by working together and encouraging excellence.
  • Partner, internally and externally, with employees, customers, and suppliers that allow us to best serve current markets and reach new markets within the global economy.
  • Foster long-term diverse relationships with professional and community-based organizations, educational institutions, and civic organizations to support the people and communities around us.

Dignity + Respect.

The values of treating everyone with dignity and respect, executing our mission with honest and ethical operations and emphasizing teamwork with accountability are vital to the success of each of our operating units and the corporation as a whole. Our success is dependent on our relationship with our co-workers, our reputation and integrity with suppliers and investors, and respect for each community in which we work and live.

Embracing All.

Diversity and total inclusion makes our company stronger. It means embracing the rich experiences and participation of all people to build the best Indiana Furniture.

For more information on our diversity practices, equal employment opportunities, non-discrimination policies, and codes of conduct, feel free to contact us.