What We’re Doing

Wellness Matters.

We are taking action to prevent the spread of illness amongst our employees and have implemented measures to continue uninterrupted operations.

We are actively monitoring COVID-19’s progression and have issued new policies and guidelines for everyone working at or visiting one of our locations. As this situation evolves, we’ll continue to assess these and change them as necessary to ensure we’re doing all we can to keep people and workspaces safe.

An internal preparedness team consisting of key leaders, human resources, safety, security, and more has been established and is reviewing current guidelines daily and communicating to all employees.

To protect the health and safety of our people and partners, we have:

  • Instructed our team members to remain home if ill and to practice enhanced measures at work such as washing hands and using sanitizer frequently.
  • Increased the cleaning and sanitation schedule of all of our facilities.
  • Made accessing healthcare professionals easier so employees can get questions answered when the need arises.
  • Implemented social/physical distancing by separating team members across facilities, reorganizing equipment and furniture, or having them work from home. We have also implemented a no physical greeting rule, eliminating the shaking of hands, high-fives, and so on.
  • Reduced or eliminated corporate gatherings: transitioned face-to-face meetings to collaborating using the phone, online tools, or other technology.
  • Restricted non-critical travel and have encouraged team members to remain local when possible.
  • Implemented guidelines and restricted access of all non-essential visitors at all facilities.

To continue operations and ongoing service:

  • All of our facilities are currently open and operating normally.
  • We have reviewed and continue to monitor our raw material sources and inventory levels to ensure a seamless service.
  • We have put plans in place to minimize any service interruption by coordinating a crisis management team, enhanced supply chain monitoring, and continuous communications if they were to occur.