GOVMVMT Cooperative Purchasing + Government Contracts

What Is GOVMVMT? And What Makes It Different?

GOVMVMT is a cooperative purchasing program that meets the highest industry standards while giving back to the communities in which we operate. GOVMVMT was developed by Innovative Government Services Association (IGSA), a nonprofit organization, as its first program for public agencies.

As a true not-for-profit cooperative purchasing program, GOVMVMT is a public-focused cooperative that centers around providing the most value to our public partners through dependable programs and services. GOVMVMT provides additional public benefits by reinvesting fees generated from our programs into the communities in which we all live and work.

Awarded Suppliers

Each one of GOVMVMT’s community of first-class suppliers has consciously joined our mission to create the most credible, ethical, and public agency-focused nonprofit cooperative purchasing program in the country.

Public Contracts

Every GOVMVMT contract was solicited, evaluated, and awarded by a city, county, state, school district, or higher education institution. Every GOVMVMT contract is held by an actual public agency – not a third-party organization.

Government Solicitations

GOVMVMT’s government contract solicitation process is founded on the Lead Public Agency Model. Considered the gold star of public procurement by industry professionals, this procurement process relies on transparency.

Who The Contract Serves?

GOVMVMT is focused on creating a credible, collaborative environment where public agencies and Indiana Furniture can work together to provide quality offerings for a true public benefit.

If you’re a public agency in need of a dependable public procurement process, Indiana Furniture and GOVMVMT are here to serve you. 

Just a few examples of public agencies: state, county, city, special district, and local governments, school districts, private K-12 schools, technical or vocational schools, higher education institutions, community colleges, private and public colleges and universities, other government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more.

GOVMVMT is happy to announce a partnership with ASBO International!

The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) provides programs, resources, services, and a global network to school business professionals who are the finance and operations decision makers in school systems. Members manage school budgeting, purchasing, facility operations and maintenance, human resources, technology, transportation, food service, healthcare, and other areas of education administration and operations. ASBO International promotes the highest standards of school business management, professional growth, and the effective use of educational resources.

How Do I Setup An Account?

All GOVMVMT contracts have been competitively solicitated and awarded to save you time and money on the goods and services you need NOW.

  1. Assure that your agency is registered with GOVMVMT via your Tax Identification Number (Federal TIN/EIN). This number is your “account” number within our cooperative purchasing program.
  2. Take advantage of GOVMVMT’s excellent contract pricing! It’s that simple.

Registration is easy and free. There is no cost, commitment to buy, or minimum order to register.

Once registered, GOVMVMT members will work directly with their Indiana Furniture Sales Representative or Authorized Dealer to obtain quotations and place purchase orders.