Square One

Space Division. Redefined. Square One is the clean, simple way to provide space division, functionality, and architectural design to any working environment. With individual building blocks that securely connect to one another and accessories like dry erase boards, barn doors, planter boxes, acrylic inserts, and tackable and acoustical panels, your personalization of Square One is only limited to your imagination.
Indiana Furniture SquareOne Spirit Natta
Spirit shown in Momentum Cover Cloth Delft with Spirit Table in Beigewood. Square One shown in Aspen White. Natta Bench shown in CF Stinson Tangram Denim.
Indiana Furniture SquareOne BarnDoor Joy KickStart Bailey
KickStart and Bailey shown in Architex St. Barts Citrus. Bailey Table shown in Columbian Walnut. Square One shown in Ember Gray with Frosted Acrylic Inserts. Canvas Table shown in Harvest Maple with Black Base. Joy Upholstered Seating shown in Sina Pearson Mix 477 Rose White.
Indiana Furniture SquareOne IslaLounge Canvas Joy Jot
Square One shown in Aspen White with Momentum Mix Piquant Tackboard. Isla shown in Momentum Cover Cloth Platinum and Cover Cloth Graphite. Jot Table shown in Designer White with Aluminum legs. Canvas Casegoods shown in Takase Teak (discontinued) with Designer White tops. Joy Task Seating shown in Momentum Eon EPU Grove.
Indiana Furniture SquareOne Reception KickStart
Square One and Planters shown in Ember Gray with Raffia Acrylic Inserts. KickStart shown in CF Stinson Ritz Sage, Ritz Leaf, and Happy Tappy Island Ease.
Indiana Furniture SquareOne Studio Joy
Canvas/Gesso shown in Oak Riftwood with Designer White Surfaces and Doors and Architex Line Drive Aqua Tackable Screen. Joy Task Seating shown in Maharam Beck Chainmail. Square One shown in Ember Gray.
Indiana Furniture SquareOne Bailey Canvas-Gesso
Square One shown in Truffle Rain with Rain Acrylic Inserts (discontinued) and Momentum Millennium Anchor Tackboards. Bailey Lounge shown in Momentum Felt Mineral and Felt Pacifica. Bailey Table shown in Fawn Oak. Tri-One Table shown in Fawn Oak. Gesso Mobile Ped shown in Fawn Oak with Momentum Felt Pacifica.
Indiana Furniture Isla Teaming Jot SquareOne

Features & Benefits

Space Division. Redefined.

Square One allows you to delineate space to heighten functionality and provide a balance between openness and privacy...a space where employees love to gather, brainstorm, re-energize, and more.

A Warm Welcome.

Welcome customers in an inviting and design-forward space. Square One extends simple sophistication with its ability to remain light and airy while still making a bold statement within the environment.

Bring The Outdoors In.

The openness of Square One allows natural sunlight in and keeps the energy flowing. Easily transcend your workspace from a confined walled office to an enlightening garden oasis.

Function + Beauty.

Barn Doors, Acrylic Inserts, Tackable and Acoustical Panels, Dry Erase Boards, TV Mounts, Planter Boxes, and Power Centers give your space the ability for more privacy, collaboration, or brainstorming.


Statement of Line

24" Blocks (17-2424BL)

12" Blocks (17-2412BL)

End Caps (17-17522EC, 17-17524EC, 17-17525EC, 17-17536EC, 17-17537EC, 17-17548EC, 17-17549EC, 17-17560EC, 17-17561EC, 17-17572EC, 17-17573EC, 17-17584EC, 17-17585EC, 17-17596EC, 17-17597EC, 17-175120EC)

Corner Posts (17-17522CP, 17-17524CP, 17-17525CP, 17-17536CP, 17-17537CP, 17-17548CP, 17-17549CP, 17-17560CP, 17-17561CP, 17-17572CP, 17-17573CP, 17-17584CP, 17-17585CP, 17-17596CP, 17-17597CP)

T-Connector Beams (17-17522TCB, 17-17524TCB, 17-17525TCB, 17-17536TCB, 17-17537TCB, 17-17548TCB, 17-17549TCB, 17-17560TCB, 17-17561TCB, 17-17572TCB, 17-17573TCB, 17-17584TCB, 17-17585TCB, 17-17596TCB, 17-17597TCB)

X-Connector Beams (17-17522XP, 17-17525XP, 17-17537XP, 17-17549XP, 17-17561XP, 17-17573XP, 17-17585XP, 17-17597XP)

Horizontal Beam Spanner (17-17572HBS, 17-17584HBS, 17-17596HBS, 17-175108HBS, 17-175120HBS)

Barn Door Walls (Left: 17-4896BDBL, Right: 17-4896BDBR)

Onset Acoustical Panels (22"H: AP-2222AP, AP-2234AP, AP-2246AP, AP-2258AP, AP-2270AP; 46"H: AP-4646AP, AP-4658AP, AP-4670AP)

Inset Acoustical Panels (For 12" Blocks: AP-0820AP, For 24" Blocks: AP-2020AP)

Inset Acrylic Panels (For 12" Blocks: AI-0820AC, AI-2008AC; For 24" Blocks: AI-2020AC)

Onset Dry Erase Boards (22 1/4"H: 17-2246DEB, 17-2258DEB, 17-2270DEB; 46 1/4"H: 17-4646DEB, 17-4658DEB, 17-4670DEB)

Materials + Options

Indiana Furniture Square One AWH Aspen White
Aspen White (AWH) - Square One Finish
Indiana Furniture Square One EG Ember Gray
Ember Gray (EG) - Square One Finish
Indiana Furniture Square One NB Natural Beech
Natural Beech (NB) - Square One Finish
Indiana Furniture Square One OR Orchard
Orchard (OR) - Square One Finish
Indiana Furniture Square One TR Truffle Rain
Truffle Rain (TR) - Square One Finish

Indiana Furniture Acoustic ASH Ash
Ash (ASH)
Indiana Furniture Acoustic BLK Black
Black (BLK)
Indiana Furniture Acoustic GRY Grey
Grey (GRY)
Indiana Furniture Acoustic MLK Milky
Milky (MLK)
Indiana Furniture Acoustic TPE Taupe
Taupe (TPE)

Indiana Furniture Frosted Acrylic FSTA
Frosted (FSTA)
acrylic rafa indianafurniture raffia
Raffia (RAFA)
Acrylic TNSA IndianaFurniture Tinsel
Tinsel (TNSA)
Acrylic TGWA IndianaFurniture Twigwork
Twigwork (TGWA)
Woven (WOVA)

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