NeoCon 2020

Signature Styling. Functional Designs. Forever Iconic.

As we celebrate 115 years, we took a moment to reflect and another moment to look forward. We are inspired by the essence of yesteryear, of people, places, and things that are legendary, and by modern concepts and desires that will shape our future.

As we designed our space in Chicago, and the products within, we strived to breakthrough the everyday…while providing for every day. The outcome is an offering of new lines that exude signature styling coupled with functional form. The outcome is iconic.

Introducing Iconic Casegoods, Rockstar Seating, Fifteen Lounge and Fifteen Pods, Runna Pouffes, and Strut Legs. These designs represent craftsmanship, grace, and modern sensibility.

They represent yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And although NeoCon is virtual this year, we encourage you to take a fresh look at Indiana Furniture. Our broadened portfolio effortlessly integrates to flex the function of spaces. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of shared spaces, make a statement in a private office, or anything in between, our designs fluidly blend into any interior concept.


With a nod to the ‘50s and ‘60s, Iconic’s clean lines, tapered legs, and unexpected details present a timeless, approachable quality while being suited to outfit a multitude of areas, including private office, open plan/benching, small meeting areas, and ancillary spaces.


Created for everyday use in every application, Rockstar features generous, contoured proportions and standout comfort for users of all sizes. With your choice of back, arm, and base options, weight-activated controls, and button detailing, this chair can rock any environment.

Indiana Furniture Rockstar Canvas-Gesso Bailey Tool Rail

Fifteen Lounge by Edge Design

Fifteen Lounge is a mix of freestanding and modular components designed to create shared and private moments for a broad range of applications. With the ease and flexibility you desire, Fifteen fits today’s needs.

Indiana Furniture Fifteen BlackAqua Corner HighBack Column
Indiana Furniture Fifteen BlackGrey LowBack Curvilinear

Fifteen Pods by Edge Design

Fifteen Pods, another line inspired by Edge Design, provides users with a personal getaway space, private meeting, or collaboration location, and can be placed anywhere in a facility. Designed around the science of acoustics, Fifteen Pods helps to keep conversations contained within and external noises out. Pair with the new Fifteen Lounge for expanded applications and functionality.

Indiana Furniture Fifteen Pods Single Double
Indiana Furniture Fifteen Fifteen Pods LtBlueGrey
Indiana Furniture Fifteen Pods Orange Environment

Runna by Edge Design

With its combination of stylish design and distinctive upholstery, Runna Pouffes express luxury and elegance while being the perfect option for impromptu meetings, additional seating, or simply being the component that completes your design.

Strut Legs

Dress up a casual drop-in meeting room or add prestige to an executive suite. The Strut leg is designed with precision minimalist lines and angles to establish modern sensibility in any work area.


In response to changes in working environments spurred by COVID-19, we have expanded our options to further provide privacy and safety for employees. Our functional range of screens and dividers make it easy to create space division within any environment, on nearly any product. Simply add these new styles, with expanded widths and heights, to a worksurface, training table, and/or reception desk to create privacy, add protection, or further define personal space.

Indiana Furniture Screens + Dividers Screen Divider Clear Phoenix