Flex The Function Of Your Space

The Way We Work Reflects The Way We Live.

Do you sketch your ideas in a notebook or on an iPad®? Check emails at the local coffee shop? Quickly huddle in an open area rather than schedule a meeting room?

The old formula of the cubicle-laden office has been replaced by unique spaces that accommodate different types of working. Along with the flexibility afforded to new technologies, the office has become an extension of how we live, and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s now possible to be productive away from the “cubicle”. There are work areas for meeting with clients, brainstorming, focused working, rejuvenating, and collaborating just to list a few.

Flexibility to Transform as Your Needs Change

These areas all interconnect and reflect the individual work patterns and preferences that define today’s modern workplace. The key is to select products that integrate together to form the productive space you need, and also provide you with the flexibility to transform as needs change. From Canvas to Plush, KickStart to One10, Indiana Furniture develops each series to not only work alone, but to effectively complement others for a complete solution to the ever-changing needs of the workplace.

Promote Interaction and Engagement.

Our broad portfolio provides you with opportunities to transform (and re-transform) places of interaction and group engagement.

Make Meeting Spaces More Meaningful.

Our nearly endless combinations of styles, products, technology, and comfort easily support making daily business decisions and brainstorming ideas.

Create Custom Hubs For Productivity.

Select from Seating, Storage, and Tables to create huddle spaces, breakroom gathering spots, and more to create hubs for productivity!

Indiana Furniture Plush Iconic Cush Runna Floating Shelves
Plush Sectional shown in Mayer Fedora Midnight with Sunglow Walnut Plinth and Legs. Plush Club Chair shown in Sina Pearson Rustic 528-81 with Sunglow Walnut Plinth and Legs. Plush Tables shown in Sunglow Walnut with Designer White Accent. Iconic shown in Sunglow Walnut with Designer White Accent. Runna shown in Architex Steed Mudslide. Floating Shelves shown in Sunglow Walnut. Cush Pillows shown in Archtex Gargrave Heather, Sina Pearson Rustic 528-81, and Mayer Fedora Charcoal.
Plush + Runna + Iconic + Cush
Square One shown in Natural Beach with Rain Acrylic Inserts (discontinued). Natta Table shown in Columbian Walnut. Natta Stools shown in Camira Gravity Gooseberry with Columbian Walnut finish. Natta Benches shown in Camira Code Data with Columbian Walnut finish. Canvas/Gesso shown in Columbian Walnut with Designer White tops. Joy shown in Camira Gravity Botanic.
Square One + Spirit + Natta
Fifteen Pods + One10 + Triple Play
KickStart shown in CF Stinson Blip Grasshopper (High Surround), Momentum Silica Cumulus (Seat, Back), and Architex Pisa Giardino (Pillow Back) with Oak Riftwood. Spirit Lounge shown in Camira Oxygen Massage. Canvas Work Table shown in Beigewood and Designer White.
KickStart + Spirit Lounge + Canvas
KickStart shown in CF Stinson Sprint Breeze and CF Stinson Blip Moonstone (Pouffes). Spirit Seating shown in Camira Blazer Latymer. Tri-One Table show in Designer White with Aluminum Base.
KickStart + Tri-One + Spirit
Isla Lounge shown in Momentum Faux Mo Wheat Fabric. Media Table shown in Desiger White. Square One shown in Orchard finish with Fabric Panels in Momentum Faux Felt Stone. Triple Play shown in Sina Pearson Felt Melange Carbon and Momentum Faux Mo Wheat. One10 shown in White Zebrine (discontinued).
Square One + Isla + Triple Play + One10
Indiana Furniture Plush Spirit Tri-One Runna Strut Cush Overhead
Plush and Runna shown in Green Hides Lena Camel. Table shown in Designer White with Black Strut Legs. Spirit Chairs shown in Camira Blazer Surrey. Cush pillows shown in Concertex Parallel Blue Moon.
Plush + Runna + Spirit + Strut + Canvas Tables
Indiana Furniture Natta FifteenLounge Spirit
Fifteen shown in Maharam Compound Shelter. Natta Benches shown in Maharam Lariat Camel with Espresso finish. Natta Table shown with Fawn Oak top and Espresso Legs. Spirit Seating shown in Maharam Compound Shelter with Spirit table shown in Golden Cherry.
Natta + Fifteen Lounge + Spirit
Indiana Furniture Fifteen Fifteen Pods LtBlueGrey
Fifteen Lounge shown in Panaz Highland 911 Steel and Highland 134 Sky.
Fifteen Pods + Fifteen Lounge
Indiana Furniture KickStart BreakArea Jot
Jot and TriOne Tables in Fawn Oak with Aluminum Base. KickStart shown in CF Stinson Sprint Mist (High Surround), CF Stinson Realm Truffle (Seat/Back), and CF Stinson Realm Barley (Pillow Backs).
KickStart + Jot + TriOne
Plush shown in Architex Platform Anthracite. Tables shown in Oak Riftwood with Designer White Accents. Cush Pillows shown in Sina Pearson Rustic 528-81 Fleece and Sina Pearson Rustic 528-28 Apple. Cush Rectangular Pillow textile has been discontinued; recommend Maharam Arcade 466447-001 Cub.
Plush + Cush
Joy shown Pre-Configured Upholstery with Black Mesh Back and Black Fabric Seat. Canvas shown in Beigewood with Designer White Gallery Screens. Spirit shown in Momentum Cover Cloth Delft. Square One shown in Aspen White. Natta Bench shown in CF Stinson Tangram Denim.
Canvas-Gesso + Joy + SquareOne + Spirit + Natta