Creating Privacy In An Open Environment

Balancing Private and Shared Spaces

Not everyone can have a private office, nor do we want one. We want to be a part of something bigger, next to our teammates, in an open space where impromptu conversations happen and the mental gears are always grinding. However, with open offices and community spaces becoming the norm, finding a quiet nook, small meeting area, or a place to make a quick phone call is increasingly more difficult.

Indiana Furniture has made it easier than ever to balance privacy and collaboration with a variety of design-forward solutions that effortlessly integrate into any layout.

Square One

Square One is Space Division. Redefined. It allows you to delineate space that heightens functionality, provides a balance between openness and privacy, and adds more style and character to project areas with the unrivaled design freedom and accessories to help create your overall work environment. Simply put, Square One provides an easy and effective solution for creating personal space without hindering the group’s performance while extending a light and airy sophisticated yet functional element. 

Design Freedom

Tackable and Acoustical Panels, Acrylic Inserts, Barn Doors, TV Mounts, and Dry Erase Boards provide unrivaled design freedom.

Collaboration + Privacy

Collaborate with your neighbor. Focus on the tasks at hand. It all happens here.


Simple design and ease of reconfigurability sustains its usability, lowering the overall cost of ownership and reducing waste in the environment.

Fifteen Pods Created by Edge Design

Fifteen Pods provides personal getaway space, private meeting, or collaboration location, and can be placed anywhere in a facility.

Designed around the science of acoustics, Fifteen Pods helps to keep conversations contained within and external noises out.

KickStart + Fifteen Lounge

From casual to sophisticated spaces, KickStart and Fifteen Lounge help you to easily balance the need for openness and privacy throughout the workday across your entire facility.

Freestanding + Modular

These lines feature a mix of freestanding and modular components designed to create shared and private moments.

Inviting Spaces

KickStart’s flexible offering combines with collaborative elements to create inviting spaces for people to gather, work, re-energize, and learn.

Linear + Curved

Fifteen Lounge, designed by Edge Design, provides a spectrum of options to create linear and curved configurations, individual settings, and everything in between.