Power + Data

Stay Powered Throughout the Workday.

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s critical to have easy access to stay powered throughout the workday. Products with seamlessly integrated technology options, all within easy reach and with clean and easy-to-setup wire management solutions, ensure your employees remain connected and your business continues thriving. No matter the application, we’ve integrated smart options across our portfolio, giving you freedom to connect throughout your entire work environment.

Explore a wide variety of applicable products and series:

Desks + Workstations  | Tables  |  Lounge Seating

Seamless Integration.

Our mission is to link users with technology through seamless integration of power and USB ports, discrete wire management, and long-term flexibility.

Everything Within Reach.

Readily available and intuitive solutions make it simple for users to connect; leaving their focus to the business task at hand rather than worrying about how to power up.

Stay Connected.

From workstations to lounge chairs, we’ve created a range of smart products that provide intuitive plug-n-play, while keeping any wires at bay.

Power Where You Need It.

Have desks or tables without integrated technology? No problem. Simply specify one of our add-on power units that easily attach to surfaces to provide accessible power.