Hgt Adj Components

To Sit Or Stand.

Height adjustability gives users the flexibility to sit or stand at their workspace, while preserving the optimal ergonomic positioning. Our components provide a variety of options to choose from, including two color options, two switch options with memory, reminders, and Bluetooth capabilities, and three base sizes that accommodate modular tops ranging from 42"-72"W and 24"-36"D. Whether there is a need for height adjustability for individual users, training and learning spaces, or meeting rooms, we have solution to fit your needs.

Explore a wide variety of applicable products and series:

Desks + Workstations  | Tables

Simple Lifting.

Our Pneumatic Table Lifts adjust from 26"-46"H and accommodate 22"-28"D by 48"W tops.

Height Adjustable Made Easy.

Electric Table Lifts adjust from 22"H-48"H, accommodate 24"-36"D and 42"-78"W tops, and provide two switch options including standard switch or upgrade to the advanced memory switch.

Retrofit Your Office.

Already have an office, but not a height adjustable desk? Simply add one of our Height Adjustable Workstations to your desktop!

Powered Up + Clutter Free!

Pair one of our Cable Mangers with your Table Lift to easily provide power at the worksurface level and keep cords at bay.