Cable Management

Create a Clutter-free Workspace.

Let's face it, with all the equipment and technology we have in our workspaces, the cords can be overwhelming. Our range of wire management options help you to create a clutter-free, more usable worksurface. Whether you looking to route power to your desktop or organize cords underneath, our grommets, cable grips, wire channels, and flexible links will keep things hidden and tidy.

Explore a wide variety of applicable products and series:

Desks + Workstations  | Tables

Tidy + Tangle Free.

A simple grommet can make a world of difference when it comes to tidy and organized worksurfaces. Available in Black or Silver.

The Easy Route.

Our Wire Channels install quickly and make it easy to route cords under worksurfaces, tables, or down legs and bases.

Grip It + Forget It.

Cable Grips help you to quickly organize a variety of cords. Easily route cords for clean worksurfaces and kneespaces.

Thoughtful Products.

Our lineup of smart products allow for cables to be routed within cabinets to keep cords organized and hidden.