Capture The Vibe!

From Delve Magazine: Whether it’s the rhythm of a favorite song, the warmth of a sun-kissed afternoon, or the buzz of a lively crowd, vibes have a way of enveloping us. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience with Indiana Furniture at this year’s NeoCon. From the unveiling of their new Design Studio to the flowing curves of Serenity, the effervescence of champagne to the electric collaboration of’ll feel it.

Indiana Furniture Announces Move to New Corporate Headquarters

Indiana Furniture today announced it has relocated its Corporate Headquarters to 1919 Hospitality Drive in Jasper, Indiana. This new space is meant to put employees’ needs, and the company’s broad portfolio of office furniture, front and center. 

This move comes about a year after transforming their manufacturing facilities, consolidating four plants onto one campus, and allows for the company’s entire business operations to be within a half-mile radius on the south side of the city. 

Klem to Take The Helm As Indiana Furniture's CFO/VP of Finance

Indiana Furniture has announced Lori Klem as the newly appointed CFO and Vice President of Finance. In this role and as a member of the company’s Executive Leadership Team, Klem will focus on managing the financial actions of the company and delivering a comprehensive, strategic financial vision that will help drive Indiana Furniture’s future growth and success.

A Little Dab Goes A Long Way.

From Delve Magazine: "With its broad versatility, environmental design, and community give-back program, a little Dab truly does go a long way. We set out to create a chair that would simply fill a gap in our line while meeting the needs for a variety of applications across the officescape. We ended up with so much more. Our customers will get a quality chair that gives back to the environment and helps in the fight against breast cancer. And that dedication and push to do more, to do better, is what sets Indiana Furniture, and Dab, apart from the rest."

More Than A Desk: Today's Indiana Furniture

From Delve Magazine: "Take a moment to be in awe of how they’ve expanded their portfolio, their designs and styles, and, really, their overall diversity to effortlessly outfit today’s working landscapes. You won’t be disappointed."

Partnerships, Internships, and A Growing Young Workforce

Like advanced manufacturers across the state, Indiana Furniture is looking for workers. To gain an advantage, the company has made a concerted effort to diversify its staff, and bring young people, particularly young women, onto the shop floor through post-secondary programs and internships.

Rockstar Enhancements Bring Unparalleled Comfort to Task Seating

Indiana Furniture announced today they will begin taking orders for enhancements to the already popular Rockstar seating series. These additions provide enhanced, one-of-a-kind comfort and more options for personalization, allowing the chair to meet a broader range of user needs, as well as applications.

Discover Indiana Furniture's Game-Changing Solutions

Indiana Furniture continues to set new standards for affordable, design-friendly products. Considered a catalyst for workplace environments, they offer products that effortlessly work together to not only bring designers’ visions to life but to also meet the functional needs of users.