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Indiana Furniture Is A Catalyst For Today's Evolving Spaces.

If you were to look up the definition of catalyst you would find that Merriam-Webster defines it as: a substance that enables a reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible; an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. 

Indiana Furniture is just that. A catalyst. A change agent to make it easier to bring spaces—that meet your needs, that flex with your workers, that encompass your vision—to life. And at this year’s NeoCon we will be showcasing not only our latest additions, but also how a smart integration of products can lead to functional design for today’s spaces.

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Indiana Furniture KickStart Iconic Jot Cush Two Spaces
KickStart Lounge shown in Maharam Beck Buckram and Maharam Meld Fox. KickStart Pouffes shown in Maharam Aria Retreat. Iconic Space Dividers shown in Shaker Cherry with Black Accents. Jot Tables shown with Designer White Laminate Tops and Black Metal Finish on Bases.

MRL's Delve Magazine Shares Indiana Furniture Is A Catalyst For Today's Spaces

Moving forward, hybrid working will become a mainstream practice, giving employees more choice in when and where to work. It will be key for companies to balance individual and organizational needs, enticing workers to engage at the office and feel productive within the available spaces. These types of spaces need to evolve to accommodate the new styles of working and this can be done through supportive furniture, accessories, and readily available technology.

A Catalyst For Flexibility.

Now more than ever spaces need to flex between collaborative or group work and focused or individual work. And these areas have become more relaxed—inspired by home settings—to give employees comfort while collaborating, touching down, or simply working on their own. They allow users to work how they want all in the same space.

The key is to select products that easily integrate together to form the productive space you need and that also provide you with the flexibility to transform as needs change. 

From Canvas to Plush, KickStart to One10, Natta to Fifteen, and Square One to Jot, Indiana Furniture develops each series to not only work alone, but to effectively complement others for a complete solution to the ever-changing needs of the workplace.

A Catalyst For Business.

Today’s spaces have the need for tables that allow for people to collaborate, brainstorm, discuss, share, present, and, ultimately, continue driving business. Indiana Furniture’s new Catalyst Tables blend desired aesthetics, functionality, and technology to deliver a comprehensive solution for all types of meeting needs and spaces. 

The line boasts a broad selection of veneers and laminates, a variety of top shapes, a vast range of sizes spanning from 36”D to 60”D and 36”W to 240”W, integrated power/data, and a variety of heights, including work, counter, and bar. However, the real beauty is in the mix of veneer, laminate, and metal base options. The veneer and laminate bases feature a built-in trough, smart wire management, and accent elements to enhance the overall style. The design versatility feels nearly endless. 

But it doesn’t stop there. An assortment of storage and accessory units, like buffets, integrated waste bins, lecterns, and more, provide the ability to complete an entire space.

A Catalyst For Versatility.

Designed with minimalist lines and angles, the Strut Leg establishes modern versatility for any work environment. Originally launched into our portfolio as an option across casegoods and tables series, the popularity of the leg design has compelled us to make Strut its own line. 

Introducing Strut Tables. Whether you’re looking to outfit a small meeting space, café, board room, huddle spot, or private office, Strut accommodates all types of meeting and gathering spaces. And the stylish simplicity allows it to fluidly complement other furniture to create a seamless integration across environments.

Strut offers worksurface height tables in a variety of top shapes, including circular, square, rectangle, modern rectangle, and boat, across a broad range of sizes from 42”x42” to 60”x240”, and everything in between. Select from a vast range of veneer finishes and laminate options, then add functionality through power/data ports and storage pieces. The legs, available in aluminum or black, feature integrated wire management to easily route power and data cables to the floor. 

A Catalyst For Harmony.

The right task chair can make your day sing. That’s where Rockstar comes in. Generous, contoured proportions and ergonomic adjustments harmonize with a diverse range of users to provide all-day comfort, and energizing support, to get the job done.

Rockstar was added to our portfolio several years back and features a sleek, yet shapely profile, a broad range of back, arm, base, and caster options, as well as weight-activated controls. But we wanted to take it a step further. The chair not only has been fine tuned to heighten the overall comfort, another back style has been added to further expand upon usage and applications. 

Welcome to the stage the new Rockstar Roadie and Rockstar Headliner task chairs. Rockstar Roadie brings you a slim design with big comfort, while Rockstar Headliner steals the show with an ultra-thick, sink-into-it design perfect for individual workspaces, meeting rooms, and more. The one-of-a-kind comfort of Rockstar is sure to debut at the top of the charts.

A Catalyst For Comfort.

When it comes to healthcare spaces, it’s about more than providing a patient room, waiting area, or workstation, it’s about creating a place where patients, families, and caregivers feel supported, at ease, so they can focus on overall health and well-being. It’s about creating comfort.

Gleem+ does just that. This recently introduced seating line ensures comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning to meet the demands of healthcare facilities. Designed for high traffic and multi-use areas, like patient rooms, caregiver spaces, community spaces, and administrative support areas, Gleem+ provides an array of high capacity and bariatric models to offer solutions for a diverse range of users up to 400 and 600lbs.

Choose from a variety of single seat, two- and three-seat tandem, bariatric, patient, and easy access models to configure the perfect space. Pair with ganging and freestanding tables in your choice of veneer, HPL, or TFL tops to complete your look. Add optional arm caps to protect the finish and extend the look and function. 

A Catalyst For Design.

What makes one interior distinct from another is the clever curating of colors, textures, and styles to create something that expresses unique design and, in turn, a unique space. New additions to Indiana Furniture’s surface materials offer on-trend options for these evolving, design-driven spaces. 

Eight new laminates and four new veneer finishes, along with coordinating seating finishes, have joined the already vast program. The result is a holistic palette inspired by nature. A relevant light-to-dark spectrum that adds to the beauty of any environment and features low-emitting finish systems to meet indoor air quality standards which support sustainable initiatives in the workplace.

From the depth of the veneers and laminates to the enduring metal, stone, and patterned acrylics, our comprehensive program was thoughtfully selected to complement out entire portfolio of products, giving complete freedom to create a desired space.

A Catalyst For Sensibility.

Since 1905, Indiana Furniture has proven its commitment to a sustainable future by supporting the standards and programs that protect the natural world and human health. Whether it’s local sourcing, domestic manufacturing, reducing contaminants, diverting waste, implementing wellness programs, or supporting community endeavors, social responsibility is a part of every decision at Indiana Furniture.

And now we’ve partnered with ecomedes + Mortarr to streamline the selection of sustainable products for tens of thousands of A+D professionals, building owners, developers, CREs, specifiers, procurement teams, and others. 

ecomedes provides a solution to save time and money while catapulting environmental, social, and governance compliance. Mortarr is a search and discovery engine custom-built for commercial construction and design professionals. Together the platforms digitally connect professionals with products and services, like Indiana Furniture, across all industry sectors and verticals to drive sustainable practices. 

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