NeoCon 2019

Take A Fresh Look At Indiana Furniture

We have redesigned our Chicago showroom with one thing in mind: to spark inspiration.

From new products that project style, provide comfort, and foster productivity to a blending of rich, jewel tones with the elegance of our new holistic finish palette, you can find inspiration in every detail. Experience how easy it is to integrate an entire portfolio of products to suit every work mode, every style of environment, and every user. Be inspired by having everything you need, and desire, to bring your vision to life.

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We’re more than just traditional casegoods. But, of course, we have those too. Our portfolio transcends styles, options, and environments. From seating to casegoods, tables to space division, easily flex the function of any space.

KickStart More Conversations

Our latest lounge will help you do just that! KickStart is a modern collection designed to address a wide range of applications for today’s social workplaces and community areas. Create inviting spaces for people to gather, work, re-energize, and learn.

Indiana Furniture KickStart NeoCon
IndianaFurniture KickStart MediaTable Bistro

Live Life On The Edge

Our new partnership with Edge Design opens the door to a world of possibilities. Introducing five seating and tables lines that provide inviting designs while capitalizing on versatility and comfort.

Indiana Furniture Edge NeoCon

Experience More Joy


With the addition of upholstered backs to this already broad family of seating, you can now bring more comfort and joy to every application. Choose from task seating or stools, mesh or upholstered backs, all with a range of ergonomic options to fit a diverse range of users.

Indiana Furniture Joy NeoCon
Indiana Furniture Joy Upholstered Stitch ConcreteEnv
Indiana Furniture PhoenixTable JoyUpholstered fe

Paint Your Own Canvas

Always stylish and effortlessly adaptable, our Canvas platform has expanded to include boutique-inspired options with Canvas Studio, and models to create a lasting impression with Canvas Reception.

Indiana Furniture Canvas NeoCon

Square Up Your Thoughts.

Square One continues to be the simple way to provide space division and architectural design throughout entire facilities. And now we’ve added even more functionality with multiple styles of shelves, soft-close barn doors, planters, and more!

Indiana Furniture SQ1 NeoCon
Indiana Furniture SquareOne Reception KickStart
Indiana Furniture SquareOne BarnDoor Joy KickStart Bailey

Let Color Set You Free.

From the depth of our veneers and woodgrain laminates to our enduring metal, stone, and acrylics, our refreshed surface materials program was thoughtfully selected to complement all our products, giving you complete freedom to create the environments you want.

Indiana Furniture WeatheredAsh
Indiana Furniture SmokyBrownPear
Indiana Furniture OakRiftwood

Photo Gallery

Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Entrance Natta KickStart
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso JoyUph Gleem L-Shelf Planter
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 CanvasReception MeMyselfAndI Clutch
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso WorkTable Joy TriplePlay
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Overview Front KickStart Bailey
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso HgtAdj Joy
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso One10 Delphi GalleryScreens
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 SquareOne Isla Runna
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 KickStart Bailey One10 Spirit
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Carreta Spirit SquareOne Planters
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso Clutch Delphi GalleryScreens
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 SquareOne Runna Isla
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 SquareOne SpiritLounge
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Overview Carreta Spirit SquareOne
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso Studio Britta Jot FloatingShelves
Indiana Furniture NeoCon 2019 Canvas-Gesso Studio Bailey BowTie